Heat Treatment - 2014
8th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: September, 9 - 11, 2014

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

Final video on Heat Treatment - 2014 Exhibition:

Official post-release:

On September 9-11, 2014 at Expocentre Fairgrounds the 8th international specialized exhibition «Heat treatment-2014» was held. At the exhibition it were presented different kinds of materials and equipment for thermal processing of metals of 91 companies from 16 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, China, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, USA. The exhibition was held with the support of the International Federation of heat treatment and Surface Modification» - IFHTSE.

The total exhibition area in 2014 was 2714 sq.m.

In addition to regular widely-known exhibitions such as: Ipsen, SMS Elotherm, Atlant, Schmetz, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Nakal, SOLO Swiss Group, Votkinsk Heat-Treatment machinery Plant, Sandvik, Seco/Warwick Group, MIUS, Electrotherm, Cherepovets Casting-Mechanical Plant etc.

In 2014 the following companies took part in the exhibition for the first time:
Hebei Dingjia Furnace Co Ltd. (China), HT Solutions (Italy), Actan Vacuum (Russia), Aliter-Axi Co.Ltd. (Russia), VacETO® (Russia), Verder Scientific (Russia), Vostok-Energo (Russia), Gadda Industrie (Italy), FlowTech Ltd (Russia), Intech Analytics (Russia), Krona (Russia), Labtest RCC (Russia), Mersen (Russia), Mosinductor (Russia), Laser Hardening Innovative Technologies (Russia), Industrial Holding (Russia), Riel-group (Russia), Robvac (Russia), SAET S.p.A (Italy), SAT THERMIQUE (Russia), Sistem Technic (Russia), SMK, JSC / Moscow, Russia (the representative of leading уuropean manufacturers of thermal equipment), Spreafico (Italy), Stroyconsulting (Russia), TALAS-STAL (Russia), Tachtech (Russia), Termoinduzione (Itay), TechnoTherm-Saratov (Russia), THREE-D (Russia), Tula-Term (Russia), Uralresursy (Russia), Fergal (Italy), Houghton (Russia), Cieffe forni Industriali (Italy).

The total number of participants in 2014 increased by more than 23%.

The visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted with the developments of the regular members:

- Heating electric furnaces (chamber, shaft, bushing, with roll-out hearth);

- Thermal and chemical equipment for tempering, hardening, gas carburizing, carbonitriding, nitrocarburizing, nitriding, oxidation, annealing, tempering, deep cooling;

- Induction equipment: installation and furnace. Frequency converters and transformers for induction heating installations;

- Laboratory muffle furnaces and ovens;

- Equipment for vacuum heat treatment: vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum valves and valve controls gas flow. Vacuum sputtering systems, ovens and vacuum ovens;

- Welding equipment;

- Industrial washing machines and lines;

- Gas and oil burners, gas supply system and automation. Pulse control systems for burners. The control cabinets ovens;

- Casting heat resistant steel. Equipment for thermal equipment: pallets, baskets, reactionary and radiant tubes, retorts, rollers, etc. for all types of ovens (chamber, pusher, mine, vacuum, including incinerators;

- Refractory materials, insulation, adhesives, lining works;

- Lubricants and technical liquids. Technologies for cleaning and temperature control of industrial liquids. Cooling systems;

- Equipment for study of properties of materials, non-destructive testing: hardness testers, preparation systems, microscopes, equipment for mechanical testing, spectrometers, pyrometers;

- Integrated solutions for temperature measurement, control and automation of thermal treatment of metals in furnaces;

- Products of graphite, carbon felt and carbon-carbon composites for high-temperature equipment.

In 2014 8th International Conference «Innovative technologies in heat treatment» for the 2nd time took place over two days and attracted a wide audience of specialists, that speaks about it’s high demand both among the participating companies, and among visitors. Listeners were presented the following reports:

- The World standard heat treatment services in Russia
TERMOMET, Novosibirsk, Aleksandr Semisynover

- Nabertherm furnaces for the debinding processes
The head of the sector of technological equipment, Millab, Russia, Vyacheslavov Alexander

- Capabilities of Teplokhimmontazh CJSC in fabrication and reconstruction of heat-treatment machinery
Teplokhimmontazh CJSC, Russia, Zhigunov Andrey, Chief of department (in construction)

- Integration of sub-zero treatment in vacuum hardening process
Schmetz, Germany, Andreas Dappa, Michael Garkusha

- Advanced carbon material for heat treatment
Mersen, Russia, Ugarov Sergey General manager

- Refractory concretes for lining of reheating and heat-treatment furnaces
Aliter-Aksi, Russia, Maximov Maxim, Deputy Director of the Department of refractories in the service of refractories

- Modern induction technology of heat treatment
Mosinductor, Russia, Kucherov Viacheslav, Director

- Effective gases supplying for heat treating
Praxair Rus, Russia, Artur Chernykh, Applications engineer

- The concept of the development of technical partnership with clients in the Russian market. SECO/WARWICK: decisions for heat treatment and vacuum metallurgy
Seco/Warwick, Russia

- Presentation of the LLC "TekhnoTerm-Saratov"
Technotherm, Russia

- Vacuum Technologies for debinding and sintering of ceramic and metals materials
LabDepot, Russia, Karpov Anton, senior manager

- Modular and multi-purpose vacuum heat treatment installations adapted for low pressure carburizing and gas quench, brazing and sintering processes, enabling an easy integration in the workshop
ECM Technologies, France, Pierre Bertoni

- State of the art technology for industrial vacuum heat treatment
ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany, Beck Natalie

- Vacuum furnaces from american vendors for thermal and chemical treatment of valuable metal products
S-Instruments, Russia, Sokolov Viktor

- Innovative technological centre of hardening of the materials - concept and engineering solutions
CNIITMASH, Tsikh Sergey, the head of laboratory "Heating means, technology of heatand chemical heat treatment"

- Representation of auxiliary equipment for heat treatment
ThermoSystems GmbH, Germany

- Appliance of stop-of paints for thermal processing of steels and metal
Reel-Group, Russia, Idrisov Rustam, General manager

- Energy-saving thermal units of new generation
TACHTECH, Czech Republic, Korobeynikov Vyacheslav, General manager

- Composite fixtures for vacuum furnaces
Schunk Group, Germany Vyacheslav Krivorotenko, Director of Russian/CIS operations

- Equipment for testing materials in vacuum and gas environments at temperatures up to 2000 C
MSH Techno, Russia

- Substitution of quenching oils with high risk of fire by waterbased quenchants - without flames and fumes
ThermoSystems GmbH, Germany

- Gas sensors and software controls for heat treatment
ThermoSystems GmbH, Germany

- Equipment technological systems of the company SCHMETZ
Finval, Russia

- Meeting of Russian Society of Metal Science and Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment - 2014 Exhibitors List:

Official audit list of the Heat Treatment - 2013 ExhibitionIn 2014 the exhibition «Heat treatment» has received an official certificate on passage of exhibition audit, conducted by the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs». Based on the audit results for the whole period of the exhibition and conference recorded about 2200 specialists - visitors. Managers and specialists of industrial enterprises of the metallurgical, air-cosmic, machine-building and defense industries, as well as other industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions visit the “Heat Treatment”.

Our exhibition is attended by representatives of such companies as: CJSC KONAR, JSC Elemash, DELTA, Thermomet, TEKHNOMASH, Daneco, Airbag master, Moscow helicopter plant. M.L. Mile, Stanko-trading. Promkomplektrezerv, Kvant, JSC Ruspolymet, Karacharov mechanical plant, Akron electronics, PCNM-Ural, Vyksa steel works, Concern tractor plants, Forward, Promecology, Ferrotec Nord, Pluton, MIZ, Federal state unitary enterprise  Plant  Device, Salyut, Pulsar, Rubin, Supermetal, Uralvagonzavod, NPO AKHTUBA, TMK, Tehnomash, The technological research Institute, St. Petersburg, Red October, Scientific and production enterprise  Istok, KEMZ, NIAT, FSUE VIAM, Leninogorsk mechanical plant, Siversky hardware plant, Plant Selmash, Vniiavtogenmash, Aeroprise-Sunrise, Metrovagonmash, PHOSPHOR, Transmashholding, NIKIET, Energomash named. AK. VP Glushko, Machine-building plant ZiO-Podolsk, Aerosila Torch, Concern Kalashnikov, Rosoboronexport, NPO Saturn, Plant of high-quality alloys, 35th Mechanical plant, Moskovsky Searchlight Plant, Krasnogorsky plant. S.A. Zverev etc.

Exhibitors responses:

Spreaficо, Fergal, Termoinduzione (Italy)

Our companies participated in the exhibition "Heat treatment-2014" for the first time. Promotional products of furnaces for heat treatment of metals and aluminium, as well as about the equipment for induction heating were presented on our stand.

During the exhibition our stand was visited by representatives of the automotive, aviation industry, and machine tool factories. We have received many requests for our equipment. We are pleased with the participation in the exhibition, it has a good quality of visitors.

Participation in the exhibition is happy. Good quality of visitors.

VacEto, (Russia), Kolesnikov A.V., project manager

Our company participated in the exhibition for the first time. About 70 professionals interested in vacuum electrothermal equipment of our production, and modernization of existing equipment. On the facts of the talks reached agreement on further meetings with potential customers.

We’d like to note the excellent organization of the exhibition.

Visitors correspond to the theme of exhibition.

Metallurgical industrial complex "Termostal" (Russia, the Udmurt Republic), Malinnikov V.B. senior Manager

Our company join in the exhibition for the second time, annually demonstrate samples heat-resistant casting and furnace equipment. In 2014, our stand was visited by about 200 specialists. Including representatives of the following companies: AVTOVAZ, Uralvagonzavod, AZ "Ural"YPC "Samara", Transmashholding, Trubodetal, GUP "Moscow metro" and others We received potential contracts for further cooperation. High attendance of the target audience.

"Uralresource" (Russia), Kologrimov I.S., Deputy General Director

Our company participated in the exhibition "Heat treatment". We presented fittings, heating element "TANAK", the sensores of the thermostat. According to the results of the exhibition agreement for continued cooperation with the order of 20 companies, including JSC "Parol", JSC APF "Phosphor", LLC "Stroyinvest", SC NPC them. Khrunichev, OAO NPP "Technology" and so on Participation in the exhibition was satisfied.

"Three-D" (Russia), Trishina E.A., Manager

The insulation new generation STOPHEAT 1200 C. was presented at our stand. Visitors were interested in the thermal insulation of furnaces and installations, reducing the risks of fires in production, decrease in the temperature of items of equipment for safe working employees.

Following the exhibition, we received a contact potential customers, met partners with whom the work is already underway.

Nice attention and responsiveness of the organizers, a good informational support of participants.

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The 9th international specialized exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2015" will take place on Sepember 15 - 17 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, pavilion 7, hall 1.

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17th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2024", September 17 - 19, 2024, Hall 1, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

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