Heat Treatment - 2009
3rd International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: September 23-25, 2009.

Venue: Pavilion 6, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Official press-release finalizing the exhibition:

The 3rd International Specialized Exhibition HEAT TREATMENT 2009 was successfully held in Moscow from 23rd till 25th of September at the EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Krasnaya Presnya. It was traditionally organized by Mir-Expo Exhibition Company.

23 exhibitors have participated in the Exhibition; including foreign companies from 6 countries were gathered together at the area of 431 sq. metres. Among them such well-known companies of a global level as SCHMETZ, B.M.I. Fours Industries, EFD Induction a.s., SOLO Swiss Group-Paterm SA, IPSEN International GmbH, Linn High Therm GmbH, Mesa Electronic, SAET S.p.A, SAVATEC SP ZOO, Promat GmbH, GALIKA AG, Nakal, Kurai NPP, Techmash and OPZ NPK, Vermolit Ltd., Volgaterm Ltd., Interprom Company, InterSELT Ltd., Nitrid Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC etc.

The exhibitors presented for visitors-specialists the high technologies and the latest equipment for thermal processing in different industries, that is to say:

- electric furnaces and heating appliances for processing of metal, glass, wood and other non-metal materials;

- quenching equipment and vacuum furnaces for hardening, brazing, sintering and annealing;

- induction heating equipment for hardening, annealing, tempering, welding, brazing, thermal leveling, forging, pressing, gluing materials' baking

- equipment for ion-plasmous treatment of surface

- gas equipment for industrial furnaces, gas-making installations for shielding atmosphere production, gas analyzing equipment

- heatproof equipment

- thermo-insulating and fire-resistant materials and heating spirals

The Innovation Technologies of Heat Treatment, the third practical-research conference was run in the framework of the exhibition, in which both Russian and foreign specialists participated.

During the three days more than a thousand specialists actually visited the exhibition.

The Organizing Committee has obtained favorable reports concerning the exhibition. The great majority of the exhibitors have announced their intention to take part in the Fourth International Specialized Exhibition Heat Treatment - 2010 that will be carried out in Moscow from 21st till 23rd of September, 2010 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, pavilion 6.

Heat Treatment - 2009 List of Exhibitors:

Program of The 3rd International Research-&-Practice Conference Innovative Technologies of Heat Treatment:

September, 24, Expocentr, Pavilion 6, Conference Hall:

Hot Zone Construction Selection Criterias for Vacuum Furnaces Applications, Tatyana Tarasova, Stankotehcenter, SAVATEC z o.o., Russia/Poland

Modern Equipment for Heat Treatment, Aleksandra E. Britenkova, NPP-Prompechi, Russia

Sub-Zero Heat Treatment in a Schmetz Vacuum Furnace, Vitaliy Timoshenko, Finval, SCHMETZ, Russia/Germany

Modern Electrothermal Equipment for Preheating before Welding and Heat Treatment of Weld Joints of Oil-and-Gas Pipelines, Pyotr Korolkov, Nagrev LLC (Moscow, Russia), Aleksandr Shulyak, NPP Kurai (Ufa, Russia)

Research of specialists of All-Russian Vologdin Research Institute of High-Frequency Currents in the Field of Induction Surface Hardening, Fyodor B. Gusev, VNIITVCH, St Petersburg, Russia

Exhibitors responces:

STANKOTECHTSENTR, the representative of SAVATEC Sp. z o.o. in Russia (Tatyana A. Tarasova, general director)

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the exhibition, Mir Expo Exhibition Company, for professionalism, attentiveness and kindly attitude.

Despite the crisis the exhibition was of great interest to manufacturers and had a wide choice of heat treatment equipment for various applications. A gamut of issues dedicated to modern technologies in heat treatment of different materials were raised and discussed at length at the trade fair.

Exhibitions like this one promote the development of technological progress and science-driven high technologies.

Mir Expo Exhibition Company afforded our company an opportunity to actively assist in promoting the products of SAVATEC that until then had not been present in the Russian market.

We express our gratitude to Mir Expo EC and plan to interact further on these issues.

Linn High Therm, Russia, Germany (Viola Kim)

The exhibition was organized on a sufficiently high level: prompt response for requests, a timely provision of all the information needed, which, to my experience, is not always the case. Our company takes part in the Heat Treatment Exhibition for the first time. Notwithstanding the fact that the exhibition itself was not large, the visitors’ footfall was quite immense and as a consequence we had good results.

Especially I would like to thank the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition, the staff of Mir Expo Exhibition Company for responsiveness and well-organized work with us as participants of the exhibition, attentive and genial communication.

The sole request is: it would be great if at the next Heat Treatment exhibition they would set up a small café.

Vermolit LLC, Moscow, Russia (Denis O. Aizikovich, Production Director)

Vermolit LLC thanks Mir Expo EC for the invitation to the exhibition and the organization of our participation in Heat Treatment - 2009.

Notwithstanding the conspicuous manifestations of the crisis in the national economy of Russia, we have received a great charge of optimism and a real vision of our company's successful development of business.

During the three days of running of the trade fair more than 80 organizations visited the stand of Vermolit LLC, many of them have already expressed their intent to interact with us. On the results of technical negotiations with industry specialists we have drawn up plans to create new refractory materials needed by industry. A number of foreign firms took an interest in our products, now sample tests are carried out in Germany and Spain.

It is always good to meet intelligent, nice and genial people.

Exhibition photos:

Heat Treatment - 2011 photos

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17th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2024", September 17 - 19, 2024, Hall 1, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

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