Heat Treatment - 2012
6th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: September, 25 - 27, 2012.

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Official post-release finalizing the exhibition:

25-27 September 2012 in "Expocentre" at Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow, the Sixth international specialized exhibition "Heat treatment - 2012" has successfully passed, the organizer of which is the exhibition company "Mir-Expo".

This year, at the exposition of the 1300 sq.m. 56 participating companies located, including 18 foreign companies from 10 countries (Switzerland, India, Germany, France, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine). Among the participants of the exhibition were such well-known russian and foreign manufacturers of thermal equipment, such as: the Heat Plant converters HDTV, Votkinsk plant of thermal equipment, Cherepovets casting-mechanical plant. Fin, QMS, Composite, Schmetz, B.M.I. Fours Industriels, SECO/Warwick, Ipsen, AFE Cronite Technologies Ltd, Galika AG, ALD Vacuum Technologies, Rubig, Nabertherm etc.

In comparison with previous years, the number of participants of the section «Refractory materials and products» increased. This year visitors could get acquainted with the products of  next companies: Podolskrefractories, the Eastern Institute of refractory materials , STC Bacor, Insulator Factory, Izomat.

In the section dedicated to the automation of heat treatment, control systems, quality control and heat engineering measurements, next companies participated: LineDrive, Novatest, S-Insruments, monitoring Systems under the trademark «Termodat», Mesa Electronic.

At the exhibition «Heat treatment-2012» to the visitor’s attention of visitors unique developments of domestic and foreign companies were presented. The company LLC «Composite» (d. Nizhny Tagil) acquainted the visitors with the unique technology of hard facing without deformations.

Enterprise «Termohim» (OAO NPO «TSNIITMASH», Moscow) presented the technology of thermo-chemical processing of regenerated in melts of salts.

Representatives of the company «PKTIMash Thermo-plus» (Tula) acquainted the visitors with the processing technology in boiling layer and the tools developed for this technology.

The company Rubig (Austria) presented on the domestic market the patented technology MICROPULS Plasma - for nitriding and surface treatment.

At the stands of many companies visitors could see the different thermal equipment. So, at the stand of the company «Nakal» (Russia) next equipment was prepresented: the shaft furnace for the smelting and carbonitriding СШЦМ 8.12/9.5И10 with wardrobe management, automated training module furnace atmospheres-MAPA-SSi 12, equipment of firm SSI: oxygen sensor Gold Probe, portable three-component gas analyzer PGA 3510, portable analyzer dew point DP2000.

The company «Finval» demonstrated on the exposition the retort furnace NR150/11 production company «Nabertherm GmbH» (Germany), the size of 2.8 x 2.5 x 2,75 (m), the gross weight of 3500 kg.

«Modern mechanical engineering company» has presented to attention of visitors of the following equipment: stove PKR180/11 (Czech Republic), oven PTS210/11 (Czech Republic), installation of HDTV CEIA (Italy) in conjunction with oscillator PC 64/900 (Italy), the generator of PW3 180/200 (Italy), cooling system Chilly 35 (Italy).

The company «Izomat» has acquainted visitors of the stand with the production of fibrous heat insulating materials: basalt plate OnP, basalt plate KTP, basalt plate KTPU, glue КФФГ, Durablanket (heat insulation blanket), Duraboard (cooker thermo-insulation), Paper FT (paper thermo-insulation), Prismo-Block Modules (Module units), Rigiform (molded products, cords, rope, tape, etc.

International exhibition «Heat treatment-2012» presented to the specialists of the industrial enterprises of the following technologies and equipment for thermal processing:

- high-performance and economical furnace systems for quenching, sintering, cementation, carbonitration, nitriding, annealing, tempering, optical fibre drawing furnaces, quench baths, induction equipment with capacity from 0,25 Hz to 440 kHz;

- casting machines, industrial microwave oven, a system for the cultivation of crystals, laboratory equipment, muffle furnaces and drying cabinets;

- equipment for applying protective coatings;

- equipment for the design and manufacture of heat-resistant tooling;

- products in the field of refractory lining and filtering;

- preparation plant protective atmospheres (endogenerators, ekzogenerators, ammonia crackers), equipped with systems of control and regulation of the composition of the atmosphere;

- industrial washing machines and lines (for the removal of residual oil after hardening, as well as the emulsion, chips after machining, etc.);

- technical solutions for equipment of furnaces by modern gas and liquid burners, systems gas supply and automation. Pulse burner management system, control cabinets furnaces;

- modern technologies for the treatment and regulation of temperature of industrial fluids for cooling induction heaters and furnaces (various types of heat exchangers);

- systems of heating control: from simple sensors of temperature to multi-pattern modular controllers;

- testing equipment and measuring systems: hardness testers, equipment for the sample preparation, metallography and mechanical tests;

- devices for measurement and regulation of temperature, humidity, vacuum. From the simplest single-channel meter to complex multi-channel controllers with large graphic display;

- software and equipment for the local and volumetric heat treatment.

In the framework of the Sixth international scientific-practical conference «Innovative technologies of heat treatment» representatives of domestic and foreign companies took part in the conference with presentations on topics:

"Design of Heat Treatment Fixtures", AFE CRONITE, France

"Introduction of quality improvement technologies and profitability of heat treatment" Plant of Heat Treatment equipment, Izevsk, Russia

"Integration of case hardening into the manufacturing line - "One Piece Flow", ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany

"The advanced safety system for heat treatment applications under hydrogen atmosphere",  project manager, Nabertherm, Germany

"Vacuum heat treatment with "sub-zero" process", SCHMETZ GmbH Vacuum Furnaces, Germany

"High-temperature high-vacuum furnaces of production of the TM Vacuum Products, Inc company. (USA) for heat treatment of domestic products of different function", engineer, JSC S-Instruments, Russia

"Modern and innovative insulation materials PROMAT for thermal furnaces", PROMAT GmbH, Russia

"Modern technology of heat and chemical treatment", "Termohim-engineering", Russia

The audience was more than 50 listeners.

During the three days of work the exhibition was visited by more than 1700 specialists - representatives of the aerospace, defense, Metalworking industries, research-and-production companies, machine-building and repair plants.

Among them: Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey», Corporation «Comet», Izhevsk Electromechanical plant «Kupol», Metrovagonmash, Irkutsk aviation plant (branch of JSC «Irkut Corporation»), MKB Fakel, Lublin casting-mechanical plant, all-Russian Institute of light alloys, SSC RF-IPPE them. Лейпунского, JSC "NPP KVANT", FSUE "KB ATO", OAO "Saratov plant "Hammer and Sickle", Zhukovsky machine-building plant, the Central design Bureau of petroleum equipment OAO "Gazprom", LLC "Marusya motors", NIIVT of Vekshinaky, national Institute of aviation technologies (PSBS NIAT), OAO «Smolensk SKTB SPU»,  Solnechnogorskiy plant "Metallist", OJSC "Reduktor-PM", OJSC "Transpneumatics", OAO "Stankoagregat" and many others.

The efficiency of the exhibition can be proved by the fact that most of the exhibitors have already booked their booths for 2013.

The 7th international specialized exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2013" will take place on Sepember, 10 - 12 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, pavilion 5.

Heat Treatment - 2012 Exhibitors List:

  • ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany
  • Nakal-Industrial furnaces JSC, Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region,  Russia
  • Galika AG, Moscow, Russia
  • Schmetz GmbH, Germany
  • B.M.I. Fours Industriels, France
  • IVA Industrieöfen GmbH, Germany
  • Seco/Warwick Group, Poland
  • AFE Cronite Technologies, Germany
  • Sovremennie Mashinostroitelnie Zavodi, Moscow, Russia
  • MSH Techno Ltd, Moscow, Russia
  • Cherepovets casting-mechanical plant public corporation, Public Joint Stock Company, Cherepovets, Russia
  • Millab, Moscow, Russia
  • Elster GmbH, Germany
  • Finval, Moscow, Russia
  • Factory of сonverters HFC, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Vostio, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Plant of Heat Treatment equipment, Izevsk, Russia
  • Snol-Term, Tver, Russia
  • Sandvik, Vidnoe, Russia
  • As Celik, Turkey
  • APC-Prompechi, Russia
  • Ipsen, USA - Germany
  • Autovaz, Tolyatti, Russia
  • Izomat, Moscow, Russia
  • Gefran, Italy
  • Podolskrefractories, Podolsk, Russia
  • OTTOM, Ukraine, Kharkov
  • Insulator Factory, Moscow regoin, Russia
  • Bakor, Moscow regoin, Russia
  • Elsit, Tomsk, Russia
  • Technoinfo Ltd., Moscow, Russia
  • Witt-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG, Germany
  • Silcarb Recrystalized P Ltd, India
  • SOLO Swiss Group, Switzerland
  • Mius, Tula, Russia
  • Löcher, Germany
  • MESA Electronic GmbH, Germany
  • Novatest, Himki, Russia
  • Rubig GmbH & Co KG, Austria
  • Electromechanica OJSC, Rzev, Russia
  • S-Instruments, Moscow, Russia
  • Electrotherm, Israel
  • PKTImash-termo, Tula, Russia
  • PKB, Chaykovskiy, Permskiy kr., Russia
  • Proplast North-west, St-Petersburg, Russia
  • CNIITMASH, Moscow, Russia
  • WS GmbH, Germany
  • Nitrid, Scientific Production Enterprise, LLC, Saratov, Russia
  • Remix S.A., Poland
  • Bosio, Slovenia
  • Nemen, Moscow, Russia
  • Shanghai Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
  • Gidropotok, Moscow region, Russia
  • Control systems, Perm, Russia
  • Formet, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Composite, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

Exhibitors responses:

Rubig GmbH (Austria), Emelina Tatiana, Manager

During the exhibition nearly 100 people visited our booth. Among them: the representatives of such companies as KAMAZ, Gazprom, the Uralcrane, Air Defence Concern, Salut (Moscow time), Thermo Met, Academy of Sciences, The Instrument Building Design Bureau, Design Bureau Industrial & Automatics, High Technologies, APL Metallurg.

We are pleased with the organisation of the exhibition. Next year we plan to expand the area of our booth.

The result of the exhibition: setting of business contacts with potential partners. No negative comments.

JSC «MIUS», Pavlova A.V., chief technologist

At the booth of «MIUS» in 2012 the thermal-electric equipment of laboratory type was presented. The representatives of such companies as OJSC «Reduktor PM», plant «Izomeron», «Betar», Stupino MPP», Stary Oskol plant of electrical products, etc. visited the booth.

The exhibition was organised at the highest level, there were visitors from all the regions of Russia.

According to the results of the exhibition we plan to visit two enterprises and to conclude at least 4 contracts for the reequipment of thermal shops and sites.

«SNOL-THERM», Giryavenko Svetlana, Commercial director

At the exhibition «Heat treatment-2012» LLC «SNOL-THERM» presented muffle furnaces with the camera (SNOL 13/1100), the electric chamber furnaces with a ceramic camera (SNOL 7,2/900), drying cabinets (SNOL 20/300, SNOL 420/300), drying cabinets in the protective environment – a new product (SNOL 60/300). Instrument-making, machine-building enterprises, scientific-research institutes visited our booth. According to the results of preliminary negotiations we got 30 inqueries to extract the CP and project delivery.

A successful, highly specialised in its subject exhibition with no analogues in Russia, a 100% target audience of visitors. Excellent organization and high-quality service, friendly professional staff of the organizers of the exhibition.

Elster GmbH, Polyakov Alexander, head of technical Department

The exhibition gladdened with the real technical program, with the presence at the majority of the booths of the leading experts on technical issues (and not on sales only). We hope that in the future this trend will remain the same.

The exhibition met our expectations in terms of business contacts and of the organization. There were business meetings and discussions with present and potential partners. I would like to note the high level of the organization of the exhibition, as well as the highest level of the participants. This exhibition let all the participants meet and discuss a number of important issues in the field of heat treatment and to share experience again.

We are very pleased with the large number of visitors, who showed the demand for the products. Our company takes part in the exhibition every year. I would like to note that the exhibition has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Many thanks to the organizers. Success and prosperity!

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Alexander Sukhanov, engineer of regional projects

It was pleasant to see how the exposition of the exhibition increased in 2012. I hope that this trend will continue growing, and the exhibition will attract more specialists from all parts of the country.

The interest to the conference, carried out in the framework of the exhibition, also increased significantly. We will definitely participate in it next year!

“Electrotherm” Electrical and Metal Products Ltd, Israel, Bella Tamus, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

The organization is very good. Before the exhibition all the issues were resolved, and there was great support and help in reserving the most suitable booth and equipment. During the exhibition everything was done in time and with great efficiency.

Most of the visitors were from the heat treatment field. They were oriented at the best suitable equipment for them.

The organizers did a very good and professional job. Exhibiting for the first time, we got full support and service.

Visitors comments:

CJSC NeoChim, Dosovitsky Georgy

Thank you for the organization of the exhibition, it was useful and interesting. On our enterprise we use thermal equipment of domestic production. I was interested in laboratory furnaces available at the market of, went to the exhibition to get consulted and to compare the offers.

OJSC COMET Corporation, Larionov Vadim

I visited the exhibition «Heat treatment-2012» with the aim to obtain information on vacuum equipment. On 26.09.2012 I visited the conference «Innovative technologies of heat treatment». I was very pleased with the report of Germany and America, especially the report of the company «Nabertherm» «The Advanced system of safety for the use of hydrogen in the process of heat treatment». I plan to visit the exhibition next year.

Exhibition photos:

Heat Treatment - 2012 photos

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17th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2024", September 17 - 19, 2024, Hall 1, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

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