Heat Treatment - 2023
16th International Specialized Exhibition

The Exhibition was held: September, 12 - 14, 2023

Venue: Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

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Heat Treatment - 2023 Exhibition photos

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Press release following the results:

On September 12 – 14, 2023 the 16th International Specialized Exhibition “Heat Treatment – 2023” took place in Moscow, at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

The exhibitors presented advanced technical solutions and equipment for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment: industrial furnaces, induction heating systems, fireproof fixtures, appliances for temperature measurement and regulation, heating elements, quenching oils, high temperature refractory insulation.

48 companies from 5 countries took part in the exhibition: Russia, Germany, China, Turkey and India.

2340 specialists attended the exhibition - representatives of the machinery-building, metallurgical, automotive, metalworking, aviation and space, defense, electro-energetic, mining, instrument-making, radio engineering enterprises and scientific-research organizations.

Many leaders of the industry participated in “Heat Treatment-2023” again: NAKAL, ACME, ALD Vacuum Technologies, SIMUWU, FUCHS OIL, Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co. Ltd., TALAS-STAL, MosZETO, Termodat, TeknoVak, Intech Analytics and others.

Among the new exhibitors there were such companies as Beijing Joint Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.; Marathon Heater; Jiashide Furnace Industry Co., Ltd.; Heatking Induction Equipment Co., Ltd.; Zijiang Furnace Nanjing Co., Ltd.; Ivolga; Xinghua Tongbu Casting Co., Ltd.; Zhuzhou Nuotian Electric Heating Technology Co., Ltd. and others.

At the booth of the scientific-research manufacturing company “THERMOCOM” the unique development - thermo-flame retardant mastic was presented for the first time at the market. It is a plastic mass for creating a thermal insulation coating used to provide thermal fire protection, reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency of technologies. Thermomastic allows creating a protective coating without seams, of any geometry and thickness, while the material does not require additional heat treatment.

«AURORA MASHZAVOD» showed an energy-saving and environmentally friendly production line of a roller furnace for quenching in a salt bath, a fireproof system for cleaning industrial gases from smoke and dust (author - Yajie Technology (TangShan) Co., Ltd.).

ERSTEVAK showcased a new project for the Russian market: installations of fluoride-ion cleaning and also the installations of geothermal spraying by HVOF method, cold isostatic pressing plants and vacuum ovens Sirius - development of the company.

«Thermal heating technology» offered the services for re-equipment of gas industrial furnaces in order to automate production, improve safety and improve the quality of products using recuperative, high-speed industrial gas burners, including the company own production.

TeknoVak presented a complete line based on AGS type bell-type furnaces. This unique line of bell-type furnaces and several quench tanks allows fast, direct transfer of charge from furnace to tank under a protective atmosphere. AGS type furnaces provide the ability to use any type of atmosphere in the furnace and quench tank and is designed for carrying out the following processes: carburizing, nitriding, nitro-carburizing, quenching into salt, oil, polymer, tempering, etc. The line is designed for processing small and large-sized, complex metal parts with high requirements for the thermal process.

At the joint booth of S/W RUS, FULCRUM, Carbosil and Technoterm Saratov the exhibitors showed:

Equipment for vacuum heat treatment.

Hi-tech and innovative services: vacuum heat treatment of steels and alloys, production and restoration cutting axial tools, drawing PVD of coverings, production of precision alloys.

Thermal insulation and structural carbon-carbon composite materials, as well as products used in electrothermal furnaces.


Feedback from exhibitors:

Evgeniy Kungurtsev, RTPK, Ekaterinburg, Russia

This year the company RTPK participated in the Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2023". We are completely satisfied with the exhibition organization level, composition of the exhibitors, level of technical support, interest and number of visitors of our booth. We plan to participate in "Heat Treatment - 2024". We express special thanks to the Organizing Commitee of the Exhibition!

Ludmila Guseva, AVRORA MASHZAVOD, Moscow, Russia

The company “AVRORA MASHZAVOD” specializes at project engineering and supply of heat treatment equipmentо. Participation in “Heat Treatment-2023” was useful for us; we exchanged contact information with a lot of interested visitors and following the results of the exhibition we continued the work on many requests. We are also satisfied with the organization of the exhibition, all the issues concerning participation, the booth and arising in the process problems were solved in spite of the periodical need to change something. Our staff members have been at the exhibition not for the first time. We plan to exhibit next year also.

Within the framework of the exhibition, a scientific and practical conference “Innovative Heat Treatment Technologies” was held. The conference was attended by industry experts, technology and equipment developers.


Innovative technologies of ionic chemical-thermal treatment in Belarus
State Scientific Institution “Physical-Technical Institute of the National Academy OF Sciences OF Belarus”
Moiseenko Anton Nikolaevich, research associate

Modern technologies of vacuum heat treatment
ALD Vacuum Technologies
Suhanov Alexandr, Director General

Heat-protective and fire-protective mastic Termoсom
Neyaglov Oleg Sergeevich, Director General

Effectiveness of the innovative technology of cryogenic treatment
Research & Production center CryoTechResource
Kokorin Nikolay Anatolievich, Director on Science and Development

We invite you to take part in the 17th International Specialized Exhibition “Heat Treatment - 2024”, that will be carried out on September 17 – 19, 2024 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7, Hall 1.

Heat Treatment - 2023 Exhibitors List:

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17th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2024", September 17 - 19, 2024, Hall 1, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

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