Heat Treatment - 2010
4th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: September, 28-30, 2010.

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Official post-release finalizing the exhibition:

The 4th International Specialized Exhibition Heat Treatment - 2010 was successfully held in Moscow from 28th till 30th of September at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Krasnaya Presnya. It was traditionally organized by Mir-Expo Exhibition Company.

The tendencies of getting over the crisis in the Russian economy of 2010 led to the raise of industrial goods' and equipment production in the majority of industries including the production and usage of heat treatment equipment. The evidence of it is the double increase of the participants' number and of the ground area of the exhibition "Heat Treatment" compared to the last year one.

48 exhibitors have participated in the Exhibition; including foreign companies from 8 countries were gathered together at the area of 750 sq. metres. Among them such well-known companies of a global level as SCHMETZ, B.M.I. Fours Industries, SOLO Swiss Group-Paterm SA, Linn High Therm GmbH, Mesa Electronic, SAET S.p.A, GALIKA AG, Nakal, Vermolit Ltd., IVA Industrieofen GmbH, LOHER Industrieofenbau Chemnitz GmbH, CAN-ENG, Moteurs JM, ECM TECHNOLOGIES.

The exhibition "Heat Treatment" gives an opportunity to become familiar with the newest production samples, to generalize and use the domestic and foreign experience in the development of heat treatment technologies in the interests of the industrial consumers.

The exhibitors presented for visitors-specialists the high technologies and the latest equipment for thermal processing in different industries, that is to say:

- electric furnaces and heating appliances for processing of metal, glass, wood and other non-metal materials;
- quenching equipment and vacuum furnaces for hardening, brazing, sintering and annealing;
- induction heating equipment for hardening, annealing, tempering, welding, brazing, thermal leveling, forging, pressing, gluing materials' baking;
- equipment for ion-plasmous treatment of surface;
- gas equipment for industrial furnaces, gas-making installations for shielding atmosphere production, gas analyzing equipment;
- heatproof equipment;
- thermo-insulating and fire-resistant materials and heating spirals.

The exhibition "Heat Treatment" is called upon to meet the demands of the industrial consumers to renew the equipment, to introduce the innovation heat treatment technologies to different branches of industry, to enlarge the client exponent base and this way to favour the consolidation of positive tendencies as a result of a coordinated activity of all the players of the industry - both producers and consumers.

The Innovation Technologies of Heat Treatment, the fourth practical-research conference was run in the framework of the exhibition, in which both Russian and foreign specialists participated.

During the three days more than a thousand specialists actually visited the exhibition.

Heat Treatment - 2010 Exhibitors List:

Business program:

The 4th International Research and Practice Conference “Innovative Technologies of Heat Treatment” will be run at the Expocentre Fairgrounds Congress-centre on September, 29 in the framework of the exhibition.

Program of the conference:

Direct-flow method for heat and chemical-heat treatment of steel and equipment for it's implementation, Pavlova Alla, chief technologist, MIUS JSC, Tula, Russia.

Possibilities to increase energy efficiency with graphite-insulated vacuum furnaces - SCHMETZ energy saving system *eSS*, Andreas Dappa, Project engineer, SCHMETZ GmbH Vacuum Furnaces, Germany.

Low Pressure Carburizing ALLCARB®, Philippe Lebigot Export Manager BMI Fours Industriels, France.

Innovative heat treatment processes and equipment in the automotive transmission production, Joachim Boss, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany.

Automated modular carburizing control system, Syropyatov Vladimir, Nakal-Industrial furnaces JSC, Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region, Russia.

Exhibitors responses:

MIUS, JSC, Tula, Russia, Dmitriev A.P., Director

Our company was a participant of the exhibition "Heat Treatment-2010" and of the science-research conference "Innovative Technologies of Heat Treatment".

As a result of the exhibition we got more than 30 exact offers to tender for the delivery of thermal-electric equipment with a built-in endo generator and for the introduction of the tech-nology of thermal and chemical - thermal processing in mediums with endo gas as a basis. The companies are: "Smolensk Autoaggregate Works in the name of V.P. Otrokhov AMO ZIL", "Paker" (Bashkortastan), "Ural Electromechanical Plant", "Ruspolimet" (Kulebaki), " Omsk Machine-Building Design Bureau", "Testsystems" (Ivanovo), "Metrovagonmash" (Moscow), "NPP named after V.V. Chernyshev" (Moscow), "Agropromsnab" (Krasnodarsky Kray), "Avial" (Moscow), "D.V. Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP)" (Moscow), etc.

We came to an agreement to carry out experimental-technological works for "Belarusian Autoworks", PLC.

We'd like to express special gratitude to the director of the exhibition Bannikov V.A. and to the manager Sokolova E. The excellent organization of the exhibition, quick settlement of all the issues, involvement of many companies let our organization widen the area of potential customers, to exchange the experience with other electric-thermal equipment manufacturers, to find new contacts among the suppliers of materials and parts from foreign countries.

"Mius", JSC is planning to take the most active part in the future exhibitions.

Galika AG, Moscow, Russia, Pankov A.S.

In our opinion the exhibition turned out to be a successful one. We had enough contact with potential customers, and we are already getting inquiries from the clients we met at the exhibition.

Compared to the last year, we had much more clients. We'll take part in the next exhibitions with great pleasure.

LÖCHER Industrieofenbau Chemnitz GmbH, Germany, Alexander Luft

On the whole, all our wishes were realized to the full extent. We have no claims.

We hope to get response from our potential customers who had the first contact with us at your exhibition.

We expect to get a letter from you for the participation in the exhibition of 2011.

SCHMETZ GmbH, Germany, Andreas Dappa, Project engineer

At this year's exhibition we could see that the Heat Treatment exhibition became well-established compared to the last years.

- the amount of exhibitors was doubled compared to the last years
- the new hall 5 looks more comfortable and modern
- the exhibition days changed from wednesday-friday to tuesday-thursday - I hope it will be next year same.

Also we are satisfied with the result of visitors and discussions on the 3 days of exhibition.
I wish you and your team good luck that the positive development could continue.

INDUMOS, the representative of SAET Group in Russia, Tatyana Kuzmicheva, project manager

This year the company "INDUMOS", the representative of SAET Group in Russia traditionally took part in the annual International Specialized Exhibiton "Heat Treatment". This exhibition for us is not only a wonderful opportunity to meet up with patrons of SAET Group company, but also to present the new trends in the company's activity.

The Exhibition "Heat Treatment" is organized and conducted by the exhibition company "Mir-Expo" in an excellent way. The interesting subjects of the conferences, carried out in the framework of the exhibition, attract many visitors: specialists of companies-manufacturers as well as representatives of companies-participants of the exhibition.

The company "INDUMOS" is very grateful to the exhibition company "Mir-Expo" for the fruitful work on the development of a specialized branch of industry "heat treatment" in Russia and wishes further successes.

Formet PM, Ltd., Olga Archipova, Project coordinator

On the whole, we liked the exhibition "Heat Treatment".

The interest to the exhibition from the visitors' side was high - people from regions arrived on purpose.

As a result, we had some interesting and, hopefully, fruitful for the future meetings.

We'll look at the results of the negotiations.

The atmosphere of the exhibition in general was nice, the arrangement was very good.

Thank you very much!

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Alexandr Sukhanov, engineer of regional projects

On the whole, the exhibition has been a successful one, we are going to take part in the next exhibition and we hope that it will be developing in the future and that there will be more participants and visitors. We also suppose that the conference held in the framework of the exhibition has been very useful, it will become even more useful if it is further popularized with people.

Exhibition photos:

Heat Treatment - 2010 photos

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