Heat Treatment - 2019 Exhibitor List


ACME / China (industrial furnaces)

AGNI / Russia, Leningrad Region (designing and manufacturing of electric furnaces and individual heating systems up to 1800 C)

AFC-Holcroft-Europe / Switzerland (atmosphere based heat treating equipment)

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH / Germany (vacuum units)

АCTAN VACUUM / Russia, Моscow Region, Fryazino (vacuum equipment)


BMI Fours Industriels / France (full range of vacuum furnaces)

Bosio / Slovenia (manufacturing of industrial furnaces, degreasers, reconstruction and modernization of furnaces)


CNIITMASH / Russia, Moscow (State Science Centre)

CNIIchermet / Russia, Moscow (scientific-research centre for creation of metallurgical technologies and new equipment)

Control Systems / Russia, Perm (industrial automation devices for temperature, humidity, vacuum measurement and control)

Cryosystems / Russia, Moscow (atmospheric and vacuum furnaces)

CryoTechResourse / Russia, Izhevsk (cryogenic treatment)


DCI Thermal Technologies / Сhina (industrial cooling systems)

Diagnost / Russia, Moscow (diagnostic and measuring devices)


Elektromekhanika, PJSC / Russia, Rzhev (equipment for thermal treatment of metals, vacuum casting, electron-beam welding and welding within argon medium, plasma coating)

Elsit / Russia, Tomsk (induction equipment)

EUCHN / China (manufacturer and solutions provider in import of heat treatment equipment)

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric / Russia, Moscow (industrial controllers, thyristors, paperless recorders, specialised software and other solutions)


Ferropribor / Russia, Saint-Petersburg (ferrites, industrial furnaces)

FREAL & Co / Russia, Saint-Petersburg (equipment and technologies of induction heating)

FUCHS OIL / Russia, Каluga (lubricants)


GALIKA AG / Switzerland, Russia (equipment for heat treatment of the world leading producers)

Gallax / Russia, Veliky Novgorod (industrial units for induction heating)

GKMP, NPO Machinery and Tools Engineering group, LLC / Russia, Moscow (physical-thermal equipment, electric furnaces)


Henan Zhongrun / China (ceramic fiber)


IVA Industrial furnaces / Germany (heat treating furnaces)

Intech Analytics / Russia, Saint-Petersburg (vacuum equipment)


KANTHAL, part of Sandvik group / Russia, Moscow (manufacturing of heating elements, heating systems and resistant materials)

KRONA / Russia, Ryazan (industrial furnaces and drying cameras)


Lanzhou Vacuum Equipment Co. Ltd / China (collection vacuum, vacuum deposition, vacuum furnace, spe eclat vacuum products and cryogenic liquid transportation containers' production)

Larinsky IP / Russia, Moscow (corporate souvenirs)


Мetmashexport / Russia, Moscow (heat resistant equipment)

Мillab / Russia, Moscow (official distributor of the company Nabertherm (laboratory, industrial and vacuum furnaces), Binder (drying cabinets and testing climatic cameras), Vacuubrand and Agilent Vacuum (vacuum equipment)

MIUS / Russia, Tula (laboratory muffle furnaces, drying cabinets, complexes for thermal and chemical-thermal processing of steel in gas environment)

MosZETO NPP / Russia, Moscow (vacuum electric furnaces)


NAKAL – Industrial furnaces / Russia, Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk (wide range of thermal equipment)

Nitrid, Scientific Production Enterprise / Russia, Saratov (equipment for thermal and chemical-thermal processing)


OSTEC GROUP / Russia, Moscow (thermal vacuum equipment)

OTC / Russia, Obninsk (equipment for measuring of temperature in industrial furnaces)

OWEN / Russia, Moscow (equipment for industrial automation)


PD2i / Germany (plasma nitriding)

Petrofer (Alleya Grupp) / Russia, Moscow (official representative of Petrofer, Ligui Moly and Meguin in Russia)

Phoenix TM / Germany (temperature monitoring systems)

PVA IVS GmbH / Germany (vacuum technologies for high temperature and plazma processes)


RÜBIG ENGINEERING / Austria (MICROPULS plasma furnaces for nitration)


S-Instruments / Russia, Moscow (diagnostics of industrial equipment, non-destructive testing, analytical control)

Shenyang Geowell Applied Technologies Co, Ltd. / China (dry scroll vacuum pumps)

SCHMETZ Vacuum furnaces / Germany (vacuum furnaces for heat treatment, soldering, hardening, sintering and quenching)

Simuwu / China (vacuum furnaces)

SM Klimat / Russia, Saint-Petersburg (industrial and laboratory drying cabinets)

Smolensk SKTB SPU / Russia, Smolensk (drying cabinets, electric furnaces)

SNOL-TERM / Russia, Tver (electric thermal laboratory and industrial equipment of the brand SNOL)

SOLO Swiss SA / Switzerland (atmospheric furnaces for heat treatment of metal)


TALAS-STAL / Russia, Cherepovets (heat-resistant equipment for heat treatment furnaces)

TAV VACUUM FURNACES SPA / Italy (vacuum furnaces)

Tavengineering S.P.A. / Italy (vacuum furnaces)

Termohim / Russia, Moscow (thermal and chemical-thermal treatment)

Thermionic / Russia, Moscow Oblast, Podolsk (vacuum furnaces)

THM-PromPech / Russia, Stary Oskol (thermal equipment, chemical-thermal treatment)

TomInductor / Russia, Tomsk  (induction heating units of the TIS type)

Tula-Term / Russia, Tula  (production of thermal, vacuum and laboratory equipment)


UKM Sintez / Russia, Moscow region, Shcherbinka (products of carbon-carbon composite materials (СССM))

Uralresursi / Russia, Ekaterinburg (design and production of laboratory and industrial resistance furnaces)


Verder Scientific / Russia, Saint-Petersburg (mills, muffle furnaces)

VOLGATERM / Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod (production, installation and adjustment of gas supply systems and equipment for thermal and chemical-thermal processing, generators  of endothermic atmospheres, furnace automation systems)


Weber Comechanics / Russia, Moscow (equipment of industrial enterprizes)


Xi'an Aojie Electric Heating Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd. / China (industrial furnaces)





13th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2019", September 17 - 19, 2019, Halls 1 & 2, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Heat treatment, industrial furnaces, laboratory furnaces, induction equipment, lining, insulation, carbon materials, refractories, endogenerators, centrifugal casting, non-destructive testing, kiln,
hardening equipment, vacation, annealing, heating system

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