Heat Treatment - 2018 Exhibitor List:


ACME Furnace / China (industrial furnaces)

AFC Holcroft / USA (mesh belt furnaces, cast link belt furnaces, aluminum processing equipment)

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH / Germany (vacuum furnaces)

Allea / Russia (official representative of Petrofer, Liqui Moly and Meguin brands) - first time at the exhibition

Ambit / Russia (equipment for induction heating)


Beluglerod / the Republic of Belarus (manufacture of products from carbon-carbon composite materials and graphite)

BMI Fours Industriels / France (full range of vacuum furnaces)

Bosio / Slovenia (manufacture of industrial ovens, washing machines and lines, reconstruction and modernization of furnaces)


Cherepovets Casting and Mechanical Plant / Russia (tooling and components for heat treatment furnaces)

CIEFFE Thermal Systems S.R.L. / Italy (heat treatment solutions)

CNIITMASH RPA / Russia (state scientific centre) + presentation at the conference

Control Systems / Russia (control-measurement devices)

CryoTechResource / Russia (cryogenic processing of materials) + presentation at the conference


DCI (Foshan) Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd / China (thermal equipment) - first time at the exhibition

Doncarb Grafit (Energoprom group) / Russia (shapes of structural graphite)


Elsit / Russia (equipment for induction)


Ferropribor - Uran / Russia (heat treatment equipment) - first time at the exhibition

Finval, Group of Companies / Russia (complex equipment of metalworking, heat treatment, sheet machining equipment from well known manufacturers) + presentation at the conference

FUCHS OIL / Russia (lubricants for heat treatment)


GALIKA AG / Switzerland / Russia (heat processing equipment from leading world manufacturers)

Gallax / Russia (installations for industrial induction heating) - first time at the exhibition

GKMP RP, Instrumentation Engineering Group of companies / Russia (electrothermal, growth, optional equipment, high pressure metal hose)



Induction Machines / Russia (industrial induction equipment)

Intech Analitika / Russia (vacuum furnaces)

Ipsen / Germany (equipment for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of metals)

IVA Industrial furnaces / Germany (furnaces for heat treatment)


KANTHAL, part of Sandvik group / Russia (production of heating elements, heating systems and resistance materials)

KRONA / Russia (furnaces for heat treatment)



Magnit-M / Russia (induction heating systems)

MESA Electronic GmbH / Germany (production and maintenance of instrumentation and control systems for heat treatment)

Metmashexport / Russia (equipment for heat treatment)

MILLAB / Russia (official distributor of the Nabertherm company (laboratory, industrial and vacuum furnaces))

Mius, / Russia (laboratory muffle furnaces, drying ovens, systems for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of steels in the gas and the fluidized bed ("boiling") layer of crushed solid substance

MosZETO / Russia (vacuum furnaces)

MSH Techno / Russia (vacuum thermal equipment)


Nakal - Industrial Furnaces / Russia (thermal equipment)

Nitrid / Russia (the equipment for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment)


OTC / Russia (temperature measuring)

Owen / Russia (automation equipment) + presentation at the conference

Oxymat / Russia (nitrogen generators)


PVA TePla AG / Germany (vacuum equipment)


REMIX S.A. / Poland (Furnaces for heat treatment)

RÜBIG ENGINEERING / Austria (MICROPULS® PLASMA nitrating and coating technology)

RUSSTANKOM / Russia (plasma hardening units)


S-Instruments / Russia (nondestructive testing)

SECO/WARWICK Group / Russia (vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces)

Shanghai Gehang Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd / China (vacuum furnaces)

Schmetz Vacuum Furnaces / Germany (vacuum furnaces for heat treatment, brazing, hardening, annealing and sintering)

SKTB SPU / Russia (heat treatment equipment)

SM Klimat / Russia (drying cabinets, climatic chambers)

SMK / Russia (representative of leading European manufacturers of thermal equipment)

SNOL-TERM / Russia (electrothermal laboratory and industrial equipment brand SNOL)

SOLO Swiss SA / Switzeland (industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of metal)

SPECTRO TS, Group of Companies / Russia (laboratory equipment)

STLZ / Russia (equipment for heat treatment)


TALAS-STAL / Russia (heat-resistant equipment for industrial heat treatment furnaces)

TAV Vacuum Furnaces / Italy (vacuum furnaces)

TAVENGINEERING / Italy (vacuum furnaces services, tools, spare parts)

Teplohimmontazh-NK / Russia (refractory materials) + presentation at the conference

Termohim / Russia (services and equipment for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment)

TomInductor / Russia (industrial induction equipment)

Tula-Term / Russia (production of industrial heat, vacuum and laboratory equipment)


UKM Syntez / Russia (carbon-carbon composite materials for thermal insulation of high-temperature furnaces)

Uniflox / Russia (thermal converters and components) - first time at the exhibition

Uttis / Romania (industrial furnaces) + presentation at the conference


Verder Scientific / Russia (industrial mills, muffle furnaces)

Volgaterm / Russia (KromSchroder gas burners)


Weber Comechanics / Russia (metalworking machines and welding equipment)




12th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2018", October 2 - 4, 2018, Halls 1 & 2, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Heat treatment, industrial furnaces, laboratory furnaces, induction equipment, lining, insulation, carbon materials, refractories, endogenerators, centrifugal casting, non-destructive testing, kiln,
hardening equipment, vacation, annealing, heating system

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