Heat Treatment - 2013
7th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: September, 10 - 12, 2013.

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Final video on Heat Treatment - 2013 Exhibition:

Official post-release finalizing the exhibition:

10-12 September 2013 at Expocentre Fairgrounds the 7th international specialized exhibition «Heat treatment-2013» was held. At the exhibition it were presented different kinds of materials and equipment for thermal processing of metals of 80 companies from 14 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, China, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, USA. The exhibition was held with the support of the International Federation of heat treatment and Surface Modification» - IFHTSE.

The total exhibition area in 2013 was 1926 sq.m.

In addition to regular widely-known exhibitions such as: Schmetz ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Glow, SOLO Swiss Group, the Votkinsk plant of thermal equipment, Sandvik, Seco/Warwick Group, JSC MIUS, Electrotherm, Löcher etc. In 2013 for the first time took part in the exhibition are the following companies:

- NKMZ Novokramatorsk machine-building plant, Ukraine (heavy industrial equipment, industrial furnaces for heat and thermal processing of products of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, castings, forgings)

- Thermal Engineering, Italy (furnaces for thermal processing and process control systems)

- Volzhsky plant of textile materials, Russia (thermal insulation fabrics and cords)

- Obninsk thermoelectric company, Russia (thermal converters of temperature, the monitoring system of temperature field furnace)

- SMS Elotherm, Russia (induction, induction hardening, induction welding etc.)

- Schunk Group, Austria (carbon materials, composites, graphite products, ceramics, sintering of metals and ultrasonic welding)

- Atlant, Belarus (industrial heating furnaces)

- Ambit, Russia (engineering of equipment with use of induction heating)

- JSC Tochnost, Russia (spring compression, retaining rings, hardware. fasteners)

- ThermoSvar, Belarus (in-house production of thermal and welding equipment)

- New technologies, Russia (power electronics and components for the production of induction systems)

- NPF ThermIKS, Russia (electric furnace chamber laboratory control cabinets drying)

- PVA TePla AG, Germany (industrial systems, vacuum installations)

- Danieli Centro Combustion, Italy (heat-treatment furnaces)

- Termostal, Russia (shaped castings from heat resisting and corrosion of steel)

- Group of companies "Technical Gases", Russia (processing of products by a method of cryogenic hardening and equipment for cryogenic tempering)

- JSC Polycor, Russia, (refractory materials and products)

- Thermosystems GmbH, Germany (equipment for heat treatment)

- Splitstone, Moscow, Russia (heat generators)

- TAV Vacuum Furnaces, Italy (vacuum furnaces)

- VVM-Spectr, Russia (silicon carbide heating elements, technical ceramics, industrial furnaces)

- Bortek, Ukraine (industrial furnaces)

- Jinzhou Technology Co., Inc., China (electric furnace)

The total number of participants in 2013 increased by more than 25 companies, the companies from Italy and Belarus participated in the exhibition for the first time.

The visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted with the developments of the regular members:

- heating furnaces of continuous action: furnace with walking beams and furnace hearth; pusher-type rotary and roller furnaces;

- furnaces; hot-dip galvanizing line; painting lines and lines annealing; Steckel mills and furnaces;

- furnaces for tempering, hardening, nitriding, oxidation, annealing, tempering, ageing;

- equipment for deep cryogenic heat treatment of materials;

- batch furnaces, furnaces for heat treatment of steel bars, tubes, wire and sheets;

- laboratory electric furnaces and ovens;

- refractory and high temperature insulating materials for lining of heat units;

- welding equipment and electrical equipment intended for thermal treatment of welded joints;

- casting of heat-resistant steel, equipment, completion and procurement, operating at high temperatures: pallets, baskets, boxes, reactionary and pipes, retort cementation furnaces, shaft furnaces and ovens, furnace rollers and roller casters;

- modern gas and oil burners, gas supply system and automation. Pulse burner control system. Control cabinets furnaces;

- mechanisms for transportation of heated metal, fans, heat exchangers, muffles, and other products made of heat-resistant materials;

- power electronics;

- system of preventive and diagnostic maintenance of technological equipment;

- frequency converters and transformers for installations of induction heating capacity from 12 up to 600 kW, frequency from 6 to 50 kHz for soldering, normalizing, hardening, cladding, heating;

- heating elements, technical ceramics (crucibles, covers for thermocouples, pipes, beams, slabs), alloying al-based alloys;

- technical fabrics, gaskets and cords for various industries;

- modern technologies of cleaning and regulation of temperature of industrial liquids, as well as equipment and consumables for cooling induction heaters and ovens: heat exchangers, cooling station;

- the equipment for mechanical tests, hardness measurement, sample preparation, solutions for the study of the structure of materials;

- devices for remote temperature measurement and monitoring of combustion efficiency and emissions for the control and management of technological process at manufacture;

- products made of carbon-carbon composite materials;

- industrial washing machines and lines for the removal of residual oil after tempering and emulsion, shavings after machining etc.

In 2013 7th International Conference «Innovative technologies in heat treatment» for the first time took place over two days and attracted a wide audience of specialists, that speaks about it’s high demand both among the participating companies, and among visitors. Listeners were presented the following reports:

 September 10, 2013

Romit - Russian society of metal science and heat treatment, Professor, A. Tikhonov

The level of heat treatment of details of cars

Russian representative office of LLC «Promat GmbH, Russia, Kalugin K.A.

Innovative insulation materials for the thermal furnaces by Promat GmbH

SECO / WARWICK EUROPE S.A., Russia, Jaroslaw Sanecki, Sales Engineer

The newest installations of SECO / WARWICK BS VAC

Novokramatorsk machine-building plant, Ukraine, Dzerzhinskiy Vitaliy, desing bureau chief

Implementation of new solutation in regards to effectiveness _improvement of reheating furnaces operational control

RÜBIG ENGINEERING, Austria, Jaroslav Sklenar

Plasma Nitriding – technological and economical solution for single piece and serial production

Votkinsk plant of thermal equipment, Russia, Sokolov Semen

How to extend the life of equipments for thermal processes: issues and solutions

Inverse, Russia, Polyakov Valery, Technical project manager "Resistance Furnaces and refractories"

Constructional molded products from refractory concrete on phosphate aluminia conjuction

Air Liquide, Russia, Savine Bockel-Macal, IM Marketing & Development Director

Gas supply solutions for heat treatment

September 11, 2013

Russian Society of Metal Science and Heat Treatment, prof Tikhonov A.

Welcome speech

S-Instruments, Russia, Sokolov V.

Vacuum furnaces from american vendors for thermal and chemical treatment of valuable metal products

Obninsk thermoelectric company, Russia, Ulanovsky A., General manager

Determination of real curves and billet heating in a furnace with a monitoring system of temperature field

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany, Beck Natalie

ModulTherm - flexible vacuum heat treatment system

Schmetz, Germany, Haikin Leonid

Advanced hot zone and cooling-gas stream design and integration of the "sub-zero" treatment in vacuum furnace technics

BMI, France, Philippe Lebigot

Vacuum Furnaces for heat treatment and
Thermochemical process

PJSC RPA «CNIITMASH»,Russia, Tsikh Sergey,  the head of laboratory "Heating means, technology of heat and chemical heat treatment''

Innovation center of hardening: experience of the technological solutions

LLC "Novatest", Russia
Petukhov Alexande

Wilson Hardness Group (Germany) advanced solutions for materials hardness testing

LLC "Novatest", Russia
Sakarya Svetlana

Buehler (USA) equipment for high quality specimen preparation applications

LLC "Novatest", Russia
Gromov Alexander

Thixomet (Russia) image analysis software for advanced expertise of materials structure

ThermoSystems GmbH, Germany, Thomas Wingens

Innovations for the Heat Treating Industry

ThermoSystems GmbH, Germany, Thomas Wingens

Outsourcing for the Russian Heat Treatment market

SpetsOgneuporComplect, Russia, Lyalin Vadim

Modern refractory materials for thermal equipment of various purposes

Nakal, Russia, Syropyatov V.

Easy and accessible way for nitrogen potential determination during gas nitriding

Heat Treatment - 2013 Exhibitors List:

Official audit list of the Heat Treatment - 2013 ExhibitionIn 2013 the exhibition «Heat treatment» has received an official certificate on passage of exhibition audit, conducted by the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs». Based on the audit results for the whole period of the exhibition and conference recorded about 4,000 specialists - visitors. Managers and specialists of industrial enterprises of the metallurgical, air-cosmic, machine-building and defense industries, as well as other industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions visit the “Heat Treatment”.

Our exhibition is attended by representatives of such companies as: Borets, Scientific production Corporation "Machine building Design Bureau", Insulators, Corporation "MIT", research Institute «POLYUS», Kamensk-Uralsky metallurgical plant, Metallurgical Plant Electrostal, Znamya, Khrunichev Center, Aviation company "Progress", Energiya, JSC "Pluton", Uralvagonzavod, Rubin, PLASMA, BMZ, Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", Novozybkov machine-building plant, INKOR ENGINEERING, NeftStalKonstruction, Plant "Tehnolog", Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant, Gzhel brick plant", Zvezda them. academician G.I.Severina, Tver car-building plant, Uralavtopritsep, Transmash, Radiophysics, Gormash, Stalkonstruktsia, All-Russian Institute of light alloys, Saint-Petersburg plant of Goznak, Gidroagregat, Plant of chemical reagents "Donetsk-Reagent, Turbo Techniks, Volga, KAMAZ, Nauka, Pulsar etc.

Exhibitors responses:

SMS Elotherm / JSC Промко (Germany, Russia), Chubar S.A. (project curator)

Our company participated in the exhibition «Heat treatment-2013» for the first time. At the stand the advertising production of induction heating of metal was presented.

During the exhibition, our booth was visited by representatives of JSC «KAMAZ», Mytishchi machine-building plant (MMZ), Kolomna plant, Sinarsky pipe plant, Ufa Atom Khimmash, Elektrostal Tyazhmash, NMZ, Dnepropetrovsk gross-rolling plant, CHMZAP. During the meetings there were achieved the preliminary agreement on further cooperation.

Organization of the exhibition «Heat treatment-2013» is on a good level, the composition of visitors in mostly technical specialists of the administrative Board, which allowed to engage in productive dialogue. The results of the exhibition were very successful, the next year we plan to extend its presence at the exhibition.

LLC «New technologies» (Russia), Zholdin A., head of Development Department

On our stand there were presented the components for the manufacture of systems of induction heating. About 150 specialists visited our stand during the exhibition they were representatives of the companies which develops the induction heating systems, which were interested in transformers and semiconductor devices. By results of the exhibition there are preliminary agreements. As a whole I think the exhibition is very productive in terms of new acquaintances and contacts.

Our company thanks the organizers for the opportunity to participate. I am sure that the results of the exhibition fruitful impact on the development of our company. We want to wish the organizers further development. We plan to participate in 2014.

Branch of CJSC «Atalante - Baranovichi machine-tool plant», Belarus, Sindel A.S., Chief project designer

During the exhibition «Heat treatment-2013» our stand was visited by more than 180 specialists. Number of exhibitors has increased markedly compared with previous years, and their geography has expanded. Present company which offer not only the final product (e.g. a furnace), but also the components and materials for manufacture, which is, in our view, a very important point. Organization satisfied. The atmosphere is warm and the «home». We will take part again.

Löcher GmbH (Germany), A.Luft, Russischer Bereich / Absatz

At our company's stand the information about industrial furnaces for heat treatment was presented. Negotiations were held with representatives of OJSC «Electrostal», «Uralvagonzavod», «SMK-Stupino», etc. According to the results of negotiations the technical requirements for the equipment of our company were received. Dynamics of development of the exhibition is positive. Interest from customers is steadily growing. Participation in the exhibition «Heat Treatment» brings a positive effect in the dissemination of information about our company on the Russian market.

JSC «Gzhel factory Insulators», Fomina so-CALLED, Vice Director of production of articles made of carbide of silicon

Visitors of our stand were interested in refractory accessories, lates, radiant tubes, seat covers for thermocouples, gas burners and friction couples for pumps. The results of the participation in the exhibition:

- established business contacts with potential customers;

- the applications for refractory products;

- the exhibition was also useful from the point of view of delivery of auxiliary material-technical resources.

We believe that the exhibition is organized at a high level, has increased significantly the number of participants and visitors. Participation in the exhibition allows help to expand the sales market, establish new business contacts.

JSC «Eastern Institute of refractory products», E. Gilev, Leading specialist

In 2013, our company presented modern refractory and high-temperature fibrous heat insulation materials, as well as design solutions for construction and reconstruction of thermal units. I would like to note that the exhibition is not only «contacts». One of the most important results of participation in the «Heat Treatment-2013» was the fact that there was a «vision» of the market of Ukraine and Belarus. Also, there were held negotiations on the further meetings and the decision of questions at the enterprises. Exhibition acquires international importance. In the first place among the CIS countries.

Exhibition photos: Exhibition videos:
Heat Treatment - 2013 Exhibition photos

Heat Treatment - 2013 Exhibition videos

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The 8th international specialized exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2014" will take place on Sepember 9 - 11 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, pavilion 5.

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